Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And I'm Back in the Game!

(Bonus points to anyone who knows what movie I'm referring to in the title of this post. Linds, I know you know!)

Whew! Last night I took my final final of the semester and I'm now done with classes for Two. Full. Months. *Cue choir of angels singing* And ya know what? It feels damn good. Now, this post will be relatively short, but fear not dear readers, because I have a TON of posts coming up. I just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me.

I was telling Josh last night that I needed to blog again. It was killing me to have to put my schoolwork first! I sincerely missed spouting off my every day ramblings to you all!! So, what all has happened in the last few months while I was on hiatus? (Ok, I've posted since some of this stuff happened, but not diligently, and not in detail)
  • We finished the bathroom!! *cue second choir of angels*
  • I started selling jewelry and I've got a bunch of parties in the works
  • I moved in with Josh : )
  • I wrote over 50 pages of papers and projects for various school assignments
  • I was officially accepted into the Graduate Teacher Certificate program at GVSU and I start June 28th
  • Diesel has grown like a weed!!!
  • Tiger baseball has started! Although my boy Justin is not off to a great start, I still love him and will watch him anyday : )
And what's to come?
  • Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, IN tomorrow! I'm super excited about this because I desperately want a large duffle bag as well as a weekender bag to cart all of my school stuff around
  • I get my placement for student teaching (hopefully within a week)
  • My birthday! (The big 2-5 with a comedy club celebration in the works)
  • I get to READ FOR FUN! (I even stocked up on a few books Monday while I was at Barnes & Noble... I'll tell you all about it!)
  • I have less than 40 working days left at my job!!! Which brings me to an all-important question that was posed to me by Melissa a while ago: What am I going to call my blog once I'm not a banker anymore? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I like the idea of keeping with the ____ by Day, or ____ by Night title I've already got going on.. but any thoughts would be appreciated!
  • Wine Tasting Memorial Day weekend with my darling Jenna! SO excited for this and it's still a month away!
  • One Year Anniversary with Josh on April 30th : ) Actually, I should post about our whole history because it's somewhat funny/coincidental
  • My sister graduates from GVSU with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and she's home for the summer. YAY!
  • Cedar Point weekend with Josh's family! I haven't been there since I graduated from high school (a full 7 years ago... wow. I'm old) and I'm really excited to go back!
So, stay tuned as I finally start posting again like a good little blogger. I've missed it and I've missed my readers (like the three of you who actually read) so I'm desperately looking forward to blogging again!

What is something you're looking forward to? And what would you rename my blog if you could?

Oh yeah, and YAY for spring!


amsterwill83 said...

Yaaaay for blogging! Yaaay for no school for awhile, CEDAR POINT (!!!), and wine tasting!! Looking forward to more posts! And I have no idea what you should re-name the bloggy, sorry! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey you should name your blog "New Life Taking Flight" after you leve the bank or "In a Brave New World"

Carrie said...

"10 Things I Hate About You" Did you guess the right movie?

Melissa said...

Detroit Tigers baseball? I was at their game last friday against the Rangers!