Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok, I said I was going to blog every day, so here goes!

Last week I had a lot of fun on my pseudo-spring break. I say "pseudo" because I still had to work, and I had a TON of homework to do! So, it really didn't feel like a break. But I did get away for a little bit... Thursday night I went to the BOB with Carrie, Jenna, Matt, and some of Matt's friends. We had a really nice dinner, mini bottles of champagne (YUM), and went to Dr. Grins for a night of laughing. I also tried a new drink, Nuts and Berries. I'm sure it was about a million calories, but it was delicious. It was hazelnut Bailey's, Chambord, and cream.

The comedians were hilarious! Dwayne Gill was the first guy, who had actually spent some time in lil ole Ionia! Of course, he had a lot of funny things to say about my hometown. The headliner, Matt Kirschen, was a riot! I was laughing so hard, at one point I had tears coming out of my eyes! Go see them if you can. You will not be disappointed!

Here's a pic of Carrie, Me, and Jenna from dinner:

I've got LOTS more to blog about, but I also have 5 papers and 3 exams in the next 9 days, so I'm swamped! I promise I'll blog a littttle more tomorrow : )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Musing...

As I've mentioned before, I have attended/will be attending a total of 9 weddings in a 13 month period. So far, I've been to 3 and they were each amazing in their own way. With 6 more coming up (one in 10 days!!!!), I'm constantly perusing bridal blogs and coming up with new loves. As I was browsing the other day, I came across this oh-so-adorable suite from Studio on Fire. I'm a huge music lover so these jumped out at me. Plus, the combination of bright colors + letterpress = invitations that are so unique, people will be talking about them long after you say your I Do's! Maybe it's the graphic designer in me (or the remnants of that one year in college where I was a graphic design major), but I LOVE interesting type and fonts.

Big Loser

Well.... I did it! I'm the Biggest Loser out of the 11 people who started : ) It was tough, but SOOO rewarding. I ended up losing 23.2 pounds, and as a group we lost over 80! I thought we did a great job encouraging each other and trading yummy healthy recipes. We're going to start again in a week, so I've got to get ready to kick some butt! Today I purchased some new running shoes so I can start training myself to run. I really want to run a 5K, so I figured I need to get off my butt and start working on it. I'm going to use these podcasts to help me out. I also purchased some new running shoes... because, let's face it, new shoes are a good incentive for anything!

And- because Jessica of this amazing blog always says every blog deserves a pretty picture, here's my inspiration! I'm headed to North Carolina at the end of May and I want to run one morning on the beach!
I think I would feel guilty disturbing the perfect sand with my footprints!

Super Quick Catch-Up!

Ok, Ok, Ok... I know it's been FOREVER since I last blogged. I'm a horrible blogging slacker. But... I've been very busy (I know, a likely story). Rather than post a new entry for each and every thing I've done over the last month, I'm just going to post a few highlights with captions. Sorry - but you're really not missing much : )

I hereby vow to [try] and blog each and every day [or at least 5 out of 7] so add me to your reader and prepare to be amazed! Haha... not really : )

Here's a pic of me and Linds from the Oakwood in March. I got horrrrrribly sick after this night. No, it wasn't from drinking, it was the worst sinus/headcold crap I've had in a long time.

Me + Linds + Steph at the Oakwood... Happy B-day Stephers! [please pardon the black eyes... apparently my red-eye removal doesn't know what it's doing]

A pic of me + Erin + Jenna at Amanda's bachelorette dinner at the B.O.B in GR. As you can see, I'm still feeling slightly under the weather at this point. Don't you LOVE our coordinating brown and blue outfits! All the better to match the wedding, my dear : )
And a pic of the custom-made, ribbon-trimmed bachelorette veil that my sister and I made for Amanda! (Yes, we actually are that talented!)
Erin and I in Bay City for St. Pat's Day!! The ONLY place to celebrate (other than Ireland, of course). How much do you love our headbands!
...and my classy t-shirt for the day ; )

Quick pic with two of my favorite boys : ) We had a meeting in East Lansing so we decided to come down the night before and pretend we were still in college for a night at Harpers
Jenna and I! I love this girl!
Kase, Jen and I at Harpers for the MSU v. UConn game! GO GREEN!

Absolute pandemonium after the Spartan win! Victory for MSU!!