Friday, September 26, 2008

This one's for you Carrie!

Wow... so yeah... I havent updated in quite awhile. I've been SO busy lately: Class three nights a week and still working over 30 hours at the bank. But enough excuses... So, to remind myself of everything I need to blog about, I decided to go back through my pictures from the summer. Here are a few pics from what I've been up to for the past three months:

I completely forgot about this picture and literally laughed out loud when I saw it on my computer. Let me explain... From the time I was a little girl, I loved the 10 days of summer when the Ionia Free Fair is in town. I used to show Jersey cattle with my family and 4H group until I was 12 and loved every minute of it. I also baked (something I haven't done since) and made crafts (some of which my step-mom still has on display at our house... bless her heart) and met up with friends that I saw only once a year. Needless to say, my family are some of the few Ionians who truly enjoy the fair.

This year we began a new tradition. I dont even remember how or why it happened, but we decided to do a picture scavenger hunt, complete with a 20+ item list and competitive teams. Some of the items on the list were: the biggest redneck, vomit (bonus points for catching someone in the act), and shortest man shorts. Above is the picture that my team took for the latter category. This was SO much fun for everyone involved! Next year we're going bigger and better so if you have any ideas for categories, let me know.

On August 1st, I saw Wicked with my friend Jenna and her mom. Here's a pic of us at dinner with Jenna's boyfriend's sister, Katie. We had a GREAT time! I can't even describe how much I loved that play!

August 22, the day of birthdays, was a fun night out with my friends. One of my bests, Jenna, shares her birthday with my sister, Lindsey, and about 10 other people I could list. This year, we met for wine at Jenna's apartment and then went out to the Riv in East Lansing. Above is a pic of (from left) Erin, Jenna, Me, and Jessica. We had SO much fun and got lots of free beer marketing swag.

Here's Jenna all decked out in her swag.

This is Jenna T and I. She moved to Indianapolis because she got a fancy engineering job and we all miss her : (

On Labor Day weekend, I went to visit Ashley, James and Carter in Grand Rapids for a little bit. It was a beautiful weekend and we took Carter to the Splash Park nearby. Here are a few pics from that weekend.
Gettin' a drink from the water sprayer thingy - he LOVED LOVED LOVED it here. It was SO fun to watch him have such a good time : )

Ok, I realize this is a little gross, but he's just so cute I couldnt resist!

Happy camper after playing in the water!

Much more interested in getting back in the water instead of sitting with his Auntie!

In September we had a Pit Reunion! The Pit is the place where the Ionia analysts at the bank used to sit, and when I started it consisted of myself, Garrett, and Carrie. Matt was there too, but in another office. I've become extremely good friends with each of them since I started working back in Ionia. Well, Garrett left to work in Troy about a year ago, and Matt and Carrie both spend the majority of their time in Grand Rapids at the Beltline. In other words, they LEFT ME! So, the night before an all employee meeting, we decided to take advantage of the fact that we were all in the same town at the same time. We had drinks at Harpers in East Lansing and stayed at the Marriott. It was supposed to be an early night.... but a few drinks later we changed our minds. This pic was taken from Carrie's camera phone (so technically she's there in spirit). There was a pic with all of us but it didnt turn out that well. Also, I apparenly spilled a few drops of my shot on everyone. oops... Garrett's in the middle, and Matt's on the right.

I still have a few more pics to get on my computer, so let me give you a little teaser for my next post (hopefully it will happen within the next 3 months): MSU tailgating, Bachelorette Party, and Carter time!

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