Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Update!

Can you believe that I'm already updating again! I know, it's a shocker! This weekend I had a lot of fun and was VERY busy! Friday night was just studying, laundry, and updating my blog. It wasn't that exciting. Saturday, I straightened my hair (an event in and of itself) and went to GR. I did some shopping for a new red purse (my favorite one broke) and supplies for my cousin's bachelorette party. After hitting up the mall I headed to Ashley's house to see Carter and Ashley before going downtown for dinner and drinks. Sunday I met up with Matt and his friend Tyler to see the GVSU production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was set to a Bollywood theme so I was a little nervous of what it was going to be like. I was very pleasantly surprised! The costuming, acting, and general production was amazing! Afterwards, I picked up my sister and had dinner with Matt and Tyler at Applebee's. Dinner was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again sometime.
Here are some pics from the weekend! My camera died so I don't have that many : (

Sam with a wedding night gift ; )

"Good girls are made of sugar and spice - as for me I'm made of Vodka and Ice"

Me with the Bride to Be (Sam's had a few drinks at this point!)

And a few more at this point! Modeling one of her new pairs of panties in downtown GR.

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Carrie said...

I love that you are blogging again.