Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here comes the Bride... finally!

I'm probably going to over-explain this blog entry in the hopes that I have some random blog follower out there who actually cares... Carrie, you're the only person I know that actually reads my blog, and I'm sure you already know allllll about last night : )

But, for my random blog follower (whoever you may be), allow me to explain: I met Carrie almost 2 years ago when I took a job with the bank back in Ionia. Quickly, I learned that Carrie's older sister was my 8th grade biology teacher (longer ago than I care to think about...) and she was engaged to a guy I went to high school with, Jim. Carrie and I became very good friends and last night I had the privilege of attending Jim and Carrie's wedding, a night 2 years in the making. I only have one picture of the couple together, but as you can see, the only thing more beautiful than Carrie's dress was the love these two have for each other (yes, that was a cheesy line, but it's so true). They are obviously meant for each other, and as Jim's brother pointed out in his toast, opposites that have been drawn together.
During the first dance as husband and wife :)

The boys attempting to do some soulja-boy moves. They were hilarious and did a great job!

Hmm... I'll let you make up your own caption for this one...

Me, sandwiched between the only single guys over the age of 21 that were at the wedding. Lucky for me, they happen to be 2 of my very good friends.
Yay for single girls! (PS: This pic is creeping me out because I think I look exactly like my mom...)
Another happily married couple! Aaron and Robyn : )

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Carrie said...

Ashley - You also have become a great friend and I think it is crazy what a small world it truly is. I am so happy to see pictures from the wedding and even more happy to see what a great time everyone was having. I Love ALL of you guys!

The new Mrs. Carrie Batista