Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grease is the word...

For Christmas this year, my sister and I decided to buy our dad, stepmom, and brother tickets to see Grease at the Wharton Center. We had Karen, our stepmom, help us plan and keep it a secret from my dad and Justin. For dinner, we went out to Olive Garden, one of Karen's favorite restaurants. She just made lifetime membership at Weight Watchers, so what better way to celebrate than with a huge steaming plate of chicken alfredo and endless breadsticks! haha.. Anyways, my dad and Justin thought we were just going out to dinner and then going home. But, at dinner, I pulled out the tickets and surprised them.
Here's the fam at dinner! The five of us haven't gone out to eat together in quite some time so we got a pic : )

Here's my ticket! We were in the sescond row on the balcony and the seats were amazing. We could see everything perfectly and from a higher angle so it was great. Taylor Hicks, from American Idol, was Teen Angel and sang "Beauty School Dropout." He did a great job! The stage performance is quite different than the movie, as far as the plot is concerned. They changed some things around, but all in all it was the same songs that I've been singing for years. I even danced a little bit in my seat... Hand Jive anyone?? : )
Awful pic of Lindsey and I before we went into the show.

I'm thinking of seeing Legally Blonde next year when it comes. I love the movie and I'm sure the stage performance would be just as great!

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