Friday, February 6, 2009

My favorite little man!

I was cleaning out my camera and I came across quite a few pictures of Carter so I figured they deserved a blog post. Seriously, how cute is he! For Christmas, I took him to Build-A-Bear so he could make a T-Rex. He was much more interested in running around and playing with the kids instead of actually building a bear...

Carter and Mommy!

Carter and I giving Rex a bath!

Typing up Rex's birth certificate!

Carter with the finished product! Rex with a yellow hard hat, just like Carter's!

I picked up this book at Borders called "I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean!" It was pretty cheesy but he seemed to like it. He read it over and over to himself and pointed out the blue and purple pages : )

What a happy face!

Reading it for about the fourth time

Carter and Ashley came over and surprised me today! Carter looked super cute in his lil' train conductor pants! Here he's looking at Justin's fish bubble thing and turned around when I snapped the pic. He kinda looks goofy, but he's still cute!

Watchin a little bit of Nemo!

Ashley and James bought me this beautiful necklace, "just because" they appreciate how much I love their baby. How nice is that (and how can I NOT love Carter!). I LOVE the necklace and can't wait to wear it! It's a beautiful diamond and sapphire pendant and it's very sparkly!!

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