Thursday, October 22, 2009

100 Posts... Wow!

So I always thought that if I ever made it to 100 posts that I would do something special... but nope, this is just your average, everyday, run of the mill, long overdue post. Anyways...

I'm SUPER excited right now (see, when I'm excited I talk in CAPS) because in approximately 2 hours I'm leaving work (YAYYYYY!) heading to two classes (boooooo) and then driving from Allendale to Josh's house, to Bay City! I freakin' love visiting Bay City and I'm excited for Josh to come with me this time. We're staying at my friend Erin's house since both Josh and I have Friday off (yayyy for floating holidays!) and then driving down through Saginaw, saying hi to some more peeps (maybe a "surprise" stop at SVSU for old times sake) and ultimately ending at Bronners so we can get a few of these:

(except they'll say Ashley/Josh, obvs)

OOPS! Sorry, I forgot to warn you that there was Christmas stuff in this post... but when you go to Bronner's it's pretty much unavoidable. Plus, Christmas is only 2 months and 3 days away! WOW! Where did the year go?! But I digress...

We're also eating somewhere in Frankenmuth and have yet to narrow it down to Zehnders, The Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth Brewery (we will def be stopping here even if we don't get a meal), or Black Forest Brew Haus. I'm expecting to come home with a growler or 2 of some good ole Frankenmuth beer!! And, of course, we can't forget the winery! St. Julian's has a winery in Frankenmuth and I fully plan on stopping for a few sips and purchasing a bottle or two... or three... or four (no judging me!). Oh- and check it out! They have their '07 Riesling on sale for $5 a bottle! Two for me, please!

I'm also hoping that the fall colors are still vibrant tomorrow through the dull, dreary, cloudy day.

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