Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wedding Recap!

I was in a wedding this weekend! My roommate from my freshman year at SVSU, the beautiful Erin Jones, married her college sweatheart, Mr. Jeffrey Frasle. It was a beautiful ceremony (even if it was Catholic ; ) ) in a beautiful church on a beautiful day in Lapeer, MI.

Getting ready - pretty flowers and a little champagne!

The beautiful bride!!

My bouquet and my Asti

Pretty blurry, but you can see how ornate the church is. Josh took this from his seat : ) I think a new DSLR camera is definitely on my Christmas list!

The cake was beautiful AND delicious! I have never had better frosting in my life!

They were so nice to each other. And, by the way, how beautiful is Erin's hair!

Getting ready to get that garter!

I caught the bouquet! Actually, it hit me and fell to the floor. Nobody dove for it, surprisingly enough, and so they forced me to pick it up. Luckily I didn't have to do anything embarassing with the best man, who caught the garter, and now I have a pretty bouquet of sweetheart roses drying in my room! Of course, this led to countless comments about how soon my wedding will be.... Which, to answer that question, is not soon at all (it's only been 5 months people! let's not jump the gun!)

The hottest people to walk the grounds at SVSU!

Me with the Maid of  Honor! I was really working the hand-on-the-hip pose!

My besties from my college days! (Note the hand on the hip again... it's a little hard to see, but it's definitely there!)

My date : )

Ugh. So I noticed that the red-eye correction on my computer sucks... So sorry!!

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