Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long time a-comin'

So I was going through my camera and realized how many things I haven't blogged about! Big surprise, right? Anyways, here are a few pics off of my camera from the night Josh and I went to the RV show in Grand Rapids. I was not that thrilled to go to the RV show since I'm not really in the market to buy a camper or motorhome, but I ended up having a lot of fun! I couldn't believe the size of some of the motorhomes that were priced at $250M - I'm sure they were bigger than my first apartment! They had 3 LCD TVs and a washer and dryer!  Then, they had a few antique campers, too, which I enjoyed looking at. I snapped some pictures of some of the ones I liked:

This camper was made in the 1930's and had a wood burning stove. Josh's great grand parents had a similar one!

One of the first motorhomes ever made. It doesn't look anything like some of the diesel pushers we saw that night, but for the early 1900's it was luxurious!

For dinner, we decided to go to Yesterdog in Eastown. Josh and I had heard SO many good things, but never had been... They have an OLD cash register, so they only take cash, no checks or credit cards. Luckily, we were able to scrounge around for $8 and got 2 hot dogs each. Their saurkraut is DELICIOUS and the whole atmosphere is really fun. It's a really long, narrow store and it's retained much of the turn of the century charm that is unique to East Grand Rapids. Next time, we will definitely bring more cash so we can taste some of their other food!

Josh was checking out how far back it went. I LOVED the original barstools and long wooden bar!

Old advertisements have some of the best artwork and are such a snapshot of ideals of the time (haha that sounds like something a feminist or sociologist would say...)

They enourage you to write on the tables and seats, so I did!!

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