Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Redneck Days of Summer: Part 1

Mid-July in Mid-Michigan can only mean one thing: The Fair. People know my hometown for two reasons: The Fair and Prisons (more about the prisons later...). When I was younger, my summer revolved around the fair. I spent weeks perfecting my crafts to exhibit, went to countless meetings where I learned how to bake and cook and serve food, and worked with my dairy cows for the 4-H show (yes, I used to show Jersey cows... I've got pictures but I haven't taken the time to scan them in yet. Some other time). I lived at the fair for 10 days, but rarely spent time on the midway riding rides and eating horrible *cough*delicious*cough* fried food. Fair week usually involved some sort of "Fair Fling," or a boy that I sought out to pretty much be in love with for a week. In short, I love the fair.

Fair week always brings out the "best" in my town and surrounding areas. This year, I embraced exactly how redneck the fair can be, just so I could share it with all of you. Some of you already know and love/hate the fair (people either love it or hate it, most of them hate it), but I doubt you saw the sites I saw this year.

And so, I bring to you, The Fair AKA The Best 10 Redneck Days of Summer

This is a combine. It's used to shell corn that is grown in the fields. Or, at the Fair, it's put in a Demolition Derby.

If you don't know what a Demolition Derby is, check out Wikipedia's definition. In this case, combines are used instead of cars, and the last one running wins. This was the first year that the Fair had a combine derby, so it drew in LOTS of people. Seriously more people than I've EVER seen in the stands in the 25 years I've been going to the fair. (Although the Nelly concert in 2001 may have drawn more people... I wasn't there.)
This combine was my favorite! It was decorated like a cow, and driven by a kid I used to be in 4-H with. He won People's Choice! 
The combines are crashing into each other... it's really a lot more fun than it looks. These things are massive!
All of the combines lined up for the crowd

And the best part of the derby was the people... But I'm saving one priceless picture for tomorrow. Does your hometown have any strange but wonderful traditions that nobody understands but you just adore?

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