Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Redneck Days of Summer: Part 3

So, what else is at the fair besides crashing combines and inappropriate shirts? Well... A lot! Josh and I went to the tractor pulls, which I had never been to. It was HOT outside, and the pulls are LOUD! So loud that they sell earplugs so people don't damage their hearing.
This is actually an antique tractor, probably from the 1950's. I loved the antique tractor pulls. There were quite a few models that my grandpa once owned, so it was a little bit of nostalgia.
Definitely not an antique! This one was SO loud and, as you can kind of see, produced TONS of smoke.

All of the trucks had tons of smoke and soot coming from the stacks. You can't really see, but the trucks and tractors were painted really nicely with different graphics and stuff. 
These tractors FLY down the track!
Ok, just keepin' it real, once again. It was HOT outside, and after a few beers, I was definitely not looking the greatest. Oh, and I've taken care of that mess of dark roots already. yuck.
This was the first time I've attended tractor pulls, but I'm sure it won't be the last. Josh absolutely loves them, and it's kind of fun to watch how fast these huge machines can go when they're hauling tons of weight behind them. 

Coming up  next: the cutest parts of the fair, and the best tasting parts of the fair :) Stay tuned!
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lindsey said...

that was prolly one of the funnest parts of the fair... weird right? i cant wait for next year... antique pulls might have been my favorite even though they were long, but next year i say we go to the second day so we can see the winners...