Saturday, November 22, 2008

FINALLY catching up on my blogging

Ok so I'm seriously lame. I havent blogged since the end of September! oops! I've really been busy though, so cut me some slack. Well, needless to say, lots has happened since the last post! I'll start out with October. My cousin Sam got married in October. She's two years younger than I am and so I felt like an old maid. Seriously though, I'm not even close to wanting to be married yet! Her colors were brown, cinnamon (a rusty orange), and ivory. It was BEAUTIFUL! My sister and cousins and I decided that we wanted to get more dressed up than normal, so we had a great time!
Lindsey, Steph (AKA Boobs) and Me
Me, Ali, and JustinComparing cleavage... I'm on the left of course

I went to the bathroom and came back with like 34 of these pictures on my camera!

Unfortunately, I dont have any pictures with the bride! For the dolla dance, my sister, my 3 cousins, and myself paid $5 (and I got to take all of the shots for the minors) and did a huge group dance with Sam. It was so fun...

And of course I have to welcome Kurt to the family! Here's a pic I scammed off Sam's facebook:

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