Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok, I said I was going to blog every day, so here goes!

Last week I had a lot of fun on my pseudo-spring break. I say "pseudo" because I still had to work, and I had a TON of homework to do! So, it really didn't feel like a break. But I did get away for a little bit... Thursday night I went to the BOB with Carrie, Jenna, Matt, and some of Matt's friends. We had a really nice dinner, mini bottles of champagne (YUM), and went to Dr. Grins for a night of laughing. I also tried a new drink, Nuts and Berries. I'm sure it was about a million calories, but it was delicious. It was hazelnut Bailey's, Chambord, and cream.

The comedians were hilarious! Dwayne Gill was the first guy, who had actually spent some time in lil ole Ionia! Of course, he had a lot of funny things to say about my hometown. The headliner, Matt Kirschen, was a riot! I was laughing so hard, at one point I had tears coming out of my eyes! Go see them if you can. You will not be disappointed!

Here's a pic of Carrie, Me, and Jenna from dinner:

I've got LOTS more to blog about, but I also have 5 papers and 3 exams in the next 9 days, so I'm swamped! I promise I'll blog a littttle more tomorrow : )

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