Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Musing...

As I've mentioned before, I have attended/will be attending a total of 9 weddings in a 13 month period. So far, I've been to 3 and they were each amazing in their own way. With 6 more coming up (one in 10 days!!!!), I'm constantly perusing bridal blogs and coming up with new loves. As I was browsing the other day, I came across this oh-so-adorable suite from Studio on Fire. I'm a huge music lover so these jumped out at me. Plus, the combination of bright colors + letterpress = invitations that are so unique, people will be talking about them long after you say your I Do's! Maybe it's the graphic designer in me (or the remnants of that one year in college where I was a graphic design major), but I LOVE interesting type and fonts.

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