Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big Loser

Well.... I did it! I'm the Biggest Loser out of the 11 people who started : ) It was tough, but SOOO rewarding. I ended up losing 23.2 pounds, and as a group we lost over 80! I thought we did a great job encouraging each other and trading yummy healthy recipes. We're going to start again in a week, so I've got to get ready to kick some butt! Today I purchased some new running shoes so I can start training myself to run. I really want to run a 5K, so I figured I need to get off my butt and start working on it. I'm going to use these podcasts to help me out. I also purchased some new running shoes... because, let's face it, new shoes are a good incentive for anything!

And- because Jessica of this amazing blog always says every blog deserves a pretty picture, here's my inspiration! I'm headed to North Carolina at the end of May and I want to run one morning on the beach!
I think I would feel guilty disturbing the perfect sand with my footprints!

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