Sunday, January 18, 2009

I did it!!

After 2 weeks I've finally finished the Twilight saga and added another completed book to my list of 40! YAY! Yesterday afternoon I turned the last page of Breaking Dawn. It was better than I expected, but a little science-fictionish for me. The suspense was great, the characters were amazing as always, and I was pleasantly surprised with the ending. One of the good things about finishing the saga is that now I can concentrate on my school work! I was so distracted with finishing the 3rd and 4th books this week that I left all of my school reading for today. Yeah... I'm nose deep in western expansion, basic psychology, the makings of our political system, The Chocolate War, and how to evaluate adolescent literature. Obviously I've taken a break to update my blog, facebook-stalk, and catch up on some TV I missed while reading Breaking Dawn.

Another thing that's been keeping me from my studies: If you've never checked this site out, DO IT! Right now! It's like eBay for crafters. There is so much homemade and handmade stuff for sale on this site that it's completely overwhelming! From jewelry to home decor to paper products to clothing, this site has everything. It's amazing how talented some of the people are! I was shocked the first time I perused the site.

One of my favorite things are the handmade greeting cards. Check out KandRdesigns for some fabulous ideas. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, wouldnt it be nice to surprise your special someone with something other than a store bought card? This is perfect for people who want a personal touch but lack the creativity or time to do it themselves. How cute is this- seriously!?

Or, for those of you who know someone who will be having a new addition to the family, browse littlebellabean for some super cute, super trendy onesies, blankies, and burp cloths. Check out this adorable little blanket set!

Anyways, I didnt mean for my blog to turn into a commercial, but I just thought I'd share some things that have caught my eye lately. So, go ahead, check out - I dare you to NOT find something you think is adorable!

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