Thursday, January 8, 2009

I heart Bay City!

During my vacation I spent a few days in Bay City, a place where I lived and worked during college. I love going back to visit! Every time I cross the bridge into the city I get butterflies in my stomach. Yes, I realize that's pretty cheesy but its true! My friend Erin also just moved back to Bay City after living in North Carolina for a few years. I stayed the night at her house with her and her cousin, Melissa. Melissa and I bonded a few summers ago after realizing our shared love of 80's music and Bob Seger! Both of these girls are a BLAST and I was so glad to go out to the bars with them.

Melissa, me and Erin out at the Green Hut - an awesome bar with an even better jukebox!

Yes, I realize he looks like Grizzly Adams... but this is one of my favorite Bay City people. He was my customer when I worked at the bank and we became pretty good friends. We've kept in touch even after I moved back to Ionia. He's a great guy and a hard worker. He may look a little scruffy, but I would say that owning your own snow plowing business in December in Michigan would be a little time consuming, so I think it's ok. I even kind of like the longer shaggy hair : )
Just taking some self portraits!

Cute cousins!

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