Thursday, September 23, 2010

And it begins...

I'm finishing up my 3rd week at my Teacher Assisting placement. Woah! How did that happen? Time flies.... and my blog suffers, unfortunately.

Can I just talk for 3 seconds about how much I freaking love school right now? Seriously. It's completely wearing me out (I'm recovering from a nasty cold; damn kids and their germs), I've got no free time, I wake up at 5 am, but I'm not being one drop sarcastic when I say that I love it. I absolutely adore what I'm doing and I've got no doubts that I made the right decision about leaving that horrid, horrid world of banking. (Sorry... I just threw up in my mouth a little at the thought of going back. ughhhhh scary!) Did you hear the part about getting up at 5am? Yeah. I never would have done that for my other job. I would have slept in as late as I could and rolled into work looking like hell with a scowl on my face. Now, I'm up, eating decent breakfasts, straightening my hair, and picking out cute clothes. It's happiness. It's changing my life. Looooove it.
So, what's so fab about it? Well, let me explain:

  • Even though some of them are downright asshole-ish, most of my students are great kids. They're funny, motivated, honest (which can be humbling at times), and so far, they've been really nice to me. Let's hope I'm singing the same tune after I present my very first original lesson plan tomorrow. (It's about sentence combining using conjunctions and punctuation. Don't act like you're not jealous that you can't experience it... It's going to be mind-blowing. Ok, yeah that might be a little sarcasm creeping in there..)
  • The staff at my school is freaking hilarious. Never have I ever heard so many F-Bombs dropped at lunchtime, during some of the most inappropriate conversations a teacher's lounge has ever seen. And I had some pretty intense lunchtimes at the bank... The other teachers have been so welcoming and friendly. They're such fun people!
  • I absolutely love when kids ask me if they can go to the bathroom, go to their locker, etc, because they realize that I have the same authority in the class as the teacher. It's kind of a power trip... haha kidding. kind of. 
  • Tomorrow is homecoming, and I'm chaperoning the dance. I'm helping out with advising Student Council this year and it's been so much fun so far. For Spirit Week, they did a limbo contest at lunch Wednesday. I was in charge of recruiting people to come out to the lobby and participate. And guess what? There were a TON of kids there, either participating or watching. More kids than they had the previous day, and more than they had today. I'd like to think it was because I personally went to each table and called students out by name and told them they needed to participate. I could be totally off, but this is my blog so we're going to go with that...
So, even though I'm bogged down with homework and no longer have time for my precious little bloggy, I'm a very happy teacher... Hopefully I'll have more time to share about what the coming year brings, but don't hold your breath!!

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