Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sidewalk Sales!

While Josh and I were in Holland, there were sidewalk sales going on! Downtown Holland has some amazing little stores, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to buy stuff on sale : )

The first place we went was the Peanut Store, which was a delicious place to start! It has bins of candy throughout the entire store, along with salt-water taffy, roasted nuts, and homemade fudge! We picked up a pound of taffy for Josh's parents because they watched Diesel for us : )

Our next stop was for dinner, and we chose to eat at Butch's. They had an amazing wine selection (one of my favorites from Traverse City!!) and delicious food! Of course, I forgot to take pictures...

We tasted more than just wines while we were in Holland. We also tasted balsamic vinegar and olive oil! Fustini's is a store that doubles as a tasting room for their oils and vinegar. I never knew that there were so many flavors so it was a lot of fun trying and tasting everything... that is, it was a bunch of fun until Josh spilled some vinegar all over the floor! It was pretty funny... but we left quickly after that.

This is just a SMALL sample of all of the amazing stores around Holland. I'm thinking this would be the perfect place to buy Christmas presents ; )
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