Monday, September 27, 2010

Rock Stars

My mentor teacher's classroom revolves around the idea of "Rocking Out." Her rules are all about rock shows and how it applies to the classroom, and she has a Rock Star Wall of Fame which is littered with awesome things our students have done. I'd like to incorporate this into my blog in some way... and I'm drawing some inspiration from a teacher-friend who did something similar last year. She would blog daily about good things that happened to her throughout the school day. I love this idea as a way to reflect and also to share some of the amazing things my students are doing! (Now, I doubt this will happen daily, but hopefully I can post more frequently about the good things that are happening in my classroom!)

Star 1: Friday, I taught my first original lesson from start to finish and it went well. Seriously, I was on an adrenaline high when I got done. With the exception of one kid who nodded off a few times, those kids were engaged with my lesson and participated more than I expected. I even got participation out of students I didn't expect! What an awesome feeling...

Star 2: Friday, one of my students came up with a sweet idea for a writing project, and she was genuinely excited about it. I loved seeing her so inspired to write!
Star 3: One of my Emotionally Impaired students opened up to me Friday. Not only was she participating like crazy during my lesson, she also came up to me after class and told me about her exciting weekend plans. She's never spoken to me before, other than to grumble a greeting to me at the door, so this was a big step!

What was your Rock Star Moment of the Day?

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