Friday, September 17, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel... But first, we party!

Note: I thought I published this last week, but apparently it just saved. Bummer... Anyways, the wedding was Saturday and it was beautiful! I'll share pictures of that later. For now, enjoy bachelorette party pics!

My bestest friend Erin is getting married tomorrow! We've known each other since we were three years old. Last month, we had a bachelorette party at Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, complete with vodka, a limo, and a mechanical bull. What more could a bunch of girls ask for!?

The beautiful bride before the partay started!
Jenna and I, two of the bridesmaids!
Me with the Matron Maid of Honor (this amazing chef) and another bridesmaid. (we were a few drinks in. no judgment)
The bride riding the mechanical bull! She was pretty good, too : )
Stage dancing at Barroom! Tons of fun, and only one fall-off (no, it wasn't me!)
Late night/Early morning lounging on the patio at the last stop. They had a grill on the patio where you can get a meal at the end of the night. Amazing idea!
This was SUCH a fun time and I'm super excited for the wedding this weekend!!

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