Sunday, September 12, 2010


So... yeah. It's been awhile. I've heard from many readers (or like 3) that I need to post more. And I honestly wish I could because I have about 498 posts going on in my head, and nowhere to put them! Here's just a random sampling of what's going on in my noggin...

  • I started my teacher assisting (24+ hours each week of being in a real live high school classroom) plus 3 graduate classes plus a seminar, so needless to say, I'm a busy girl! I'm hoping to post a bunch more on Tuesday because I have a morning off from classes and teaching. I have a feeling I'll come to treasure those Tuesday mornings!
  • Josh and I took a trip to Holland, MI and I have some hilarious pics to share... 
  • There's a rumor that a Verizon tower is being built really super close to my house... YAY!! That might mean that I can actually have decent speed of internet at my house for a decent price! I am beyond excited about it.
  • My bestest friend is getting married next weekend... crazy!
  • College football season is upon us, and that means Pick 4 every weekend! I came THISCLOSE to winning the first weekend, but I lost and I'll explain that later.
  • My other bestest friend has a super amazing new boyfriend and I couldn't be more excited for her! Plus, he and Josh get along rather well (they bonded over a game of beer pong) so that's always a plus.
  • I've become obsessed with watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime and Ally McBeal on Reelz... and WOAH I never knew Robert Downey Jr. was such a hottie!
  • The first novel I'm/we're teaching is The Lord of the Rings. Which I've never read. And I have no interest in reading. Teacher fail.

Student Quote of the Week: (in response to my purple suede pumps) "Ms. Leak, are you going to wear fabulous shoes every day?" It kind of pretty much made my day.

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Carrie said...

Love the Student Quote!