Monday, January 18, 2010

Disappearances, Fast-Food Fails, and Sleeptalking

Wow! Where have I been!? Holy crap I've been busy since I last posted. I'll catch you all up with some pics shortly. I'm already becoming a slave to homework and it's been all of 6 days since the semester began! I've never read so much in my entire life - 90+ pages of Jane Austen (equivalent to an entire chick lit book as far as complexity and content go), 12 pages from an economic article (which doesn't seem like a lot, but come ON! Econ is a ridiculously boring topic about which to read), 27 pages on secondary language writers (still finishing this one up tonight), and about 50 pages on psychoanalytic literary criticism a la Mr. Freud (just reading about his theory and examples gave me some weird ass dreams last night!!). Whew! Needless to say, I haven't just been sitting around ignoring my blog on purpose!

But I did want to share a few tales from my escapades Saturday night. It was nothing special; Josh's friend was celebrating a birthday at Olivera's in Ionia so we went down for a few drinks and some Buzztime trivia (I'm like a trivia master when it comes to those things!). On the way home, Josh and I both wanted a chocolate shake. We pulled into the Burger King parking lot and ordered, only to be told (quite rudely, might I add) that they were cleaning the shake machine and it would be a 30 minute wait. I was immediately pissed. I knew they just didn't want to make the shakes! Who cleans a shake machine at 11:30 pm? Seriously! So, we headed up the hill to Wendy's for some late night Frosty action. Of course, our hopes and dreams of creamy chocolatey goodness were smashed when Wendy's was closed. WTF! So much for being open 'Late-Night'... apparently late night in Ionia is 11:00. Bastards. (I get pretty fiesty when someone is preventing me from my shakes!) We finally settled at Arby's and got Jamocha shakes - which actually was probably wayyyy better than the Burger King shake and Wendy's frosty, in retrospect.

Probably the most hilarious/obnoxious part of the night came from the ride home. Josh and I were just chatting on the way back to his house; I don't even remember what we were talking about. I asked him a question, I think it was in regards to when and where he saw Sugarland in concert. To which he replies, "The Senior Janitor Closet." I paused for a second... I had NO CLUE what he was talking about. So I tell him he's insane and I have no idea what he just said. Then, I look over at him, and he's sleep-talking to me! He snapped out of it with no recollection of our entire conversation. Later that night he started sleeptalking again, and woke me up out of a dead sleep! It scared me because he yelled or something, and I screamed and sat straight up. He, of course, didn't even remember it in the morning.  He did it again last night - I was reading in bed and when I was done, I handed him my book so he could set it on his nightstand. Then he asked me where I wanted him "to put the boards". After seeing he was sleeping, I rolled my eyes, turned over, and told him to put them in the Senior Janitor Closet from the night before. This is getting ridiculous. How am I supposed to get any sleep with Chatty Cathy next to me mumbling up a storm?

Anywas, I'll be back later this week (hopefully tomorrow, thanks to the delayed-post gods!) with some pics of the weekend! Have a good Monday : )

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