Friday, January 8, 2010

"Boring" Weekend Plans

Just a few minutes ago I got a call from Garrett, complaining about how I never ever ever ever write about him on my blog and how my weekend plans are boring and I'm getting old and stuffy and never have any fun anymore. (I know, everyone should have such an uplifting friend like him. It's great...)

I immediately had to defend myself. I have to take my content area tests to prove I'm competent enough to teach students English and economics. I'm. Freaking. Out. Seriously. I haven't had an econ class in well over a year, and I didn't do that well in it (Well... I got a B. But I should probably do better since I'm going to be teaching that subject someday...). I told Garrett that I had to study or else I'll never become a teacher and I'll be stuck at this hellhole of a bank for the rest of my damn life. It's already been 7 years, which is about 6 years too long. So it's not my fault that I'm boring and old and have boring and old weekend plans! My entire future depends on my performance on these tests tomorrow! (Not that I'm being dramatic or anything... but yeah, they are kind of a big deal). So basically, Garrett, you can kiss my ass. Have fun getting shit-faced in Royal Oak with your new-girl-who-you're-too-afraid-to-call-your-girlfriend-because-it-might-mean-you-have-to-show-some-sort-of-emotion-and-that-your-heart-of-stone-has-softened. I'll be curled up with my laptop (reading through Sparknotes tips for economics... that's how desperate and scared I am) and my puppy doing something that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Or at least for tomorrow afternoon...

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Melissa said...

Good luck on your test! I know how that goes, staying in studying when you want to be out playing and having fun. It will all be worth it in the end!