Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let There Be Light!

Like Melissa, I made some lighting purchases over the weekend! However, my purchases were for the bathroom, not the bedroom, and sadly, no damask was involved. But, take a look at our upgrade! (all pictures from Lowes)
This isn't exactly what was in the bathroom, but it's pretty darn close.

I saw these beauties and thought they would look perfect in the bathroom. I love their shape and lines, plus they were less than $20 each! I've learned that's a complete steal when it comes to modern lighting.

I love them! I think they're going to look great next to the mirror with its newly painted black frame!

The bathroom is slowly taking shape. Last weekend, Josh, his dad, and his friend Brandon got the shower up and running, almost. There was a minor leak but Josh managed to fix it last night. I used the shower this morning and I have to recommend the curved shower rods! I feel like I can do jumping jacks and cartwheels in the shower! So. Much. Freaking. Room.

Josh's parents bought him an early birthday present, and I can safely say I've never been so excited for a power tool! Josh is now the proud owner of a table saw! This means that he can cut his own trim and make the new cabinet doors at his house instead of having to borrow someone else's saw. Plus, I have a feeling this table saw is going to come in handy as we redo the exterior of the house this summer.

I PROMISE I'll post some pictures soon of how the bathroom is progressing! It looks so big now that the vanity is ripped out. Hopefully, this weekend the pedestal sink will be installed and we'll be ready to get the painting done!


Melissa said...

Amen to the curved shower rods, they change everything. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished project and thanks for the linkage!

Carrie said...

The first time I read your post I did not read it very carefully and I thought the picture of the first light was the new one. I thought to myself "That doesn't really seem like Ashley, but OK"...then I re-read the post and realized that it was the existing one. Anyway...have fun decorating. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Come on, girl! Where are the pics of the new bathroom? :-)

Carrie said...

Do you know Amanda (WannaBe Chef) or did you just stumble across her blog too. I have found a ton of great blogs lately. I think it is becoming a bit of a problem. I think I used an entire pack of paper printing off recipes from different blogs...oops :)