Friday, March 19, 2010

To Theme or Not to Theme...

...that is the question.

I'm not really into 'themes' for decorating; I'm more of a style/color palette/overall 'feel' girl (which I guess, you could argue, is kind of a theme in and of itself, but whatev). Apple-ish stuff all over the kitchen? Rubber duckies in the bathroom? Not my cuppa tea. At all. So... why is it that I feel like Josh and I are falling into a theme for the newly renovated bathroom? And why am I ok with it?

Let me back up for a minute and just say:  I love letters in all forms, and I love combining all different types. I was that girl who practiced her different types of handwriting, drew bubble letters, and pretty much tried to invent new, fun ways to write things.

When I saw this shower curtain at Target my heart rate increased and I fell a little bit in love:

But... then I figured Josh would be less-than-thrilled about all of these letters and numbers, so I didn't even show him my little find. Much to my surprise, last week, as we were emailing pictures of potential shower curtains to one another, he said he was surprised I didn't send him a picture of this one. I told him that I loved it but didn't think he'd be all that impressed, to which he replied, I was wrong. WHAT? Yeah. Josh likes this shower curtain! Cue the surprised look on my face!

So I bought it. (for only $17 at that!! HA! Take that Bed Bath & Beyond!)

Now, all the decorating ideas that are filling my mind are letter/typography related, and I continue to scour etsy for more inspiration. Is this too theme-y? Or, do you have any cheap-but-stylish DIY projects? I'm already considering some fun with canvases and Modge Podge a la Michelle but I'm open to new ideas!


Melissa said...

Cute! I like themed rooms- and the letters idea is really unique! I'll keep my eye out for fun projects.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I think themed is good. Brings it all together