Saturday, March 13, 2010


Edited to Add: Ok, this was supposed to post after the post about GRunveiled, but because I'm not detail oriented, I didn't remember to change the posting date. I changed the time, but not the date. Oops! 

As promised, here are a few pics of my purchases from Daisy at pixel & hank, who I met at GRunveiled. Aren't these hair clips so adorable?! I'm becoming a little more daring with my hair accessories, (read: I've barely managed how to make a headband look age appropriate and not make me look like I'm in the fourth grade) and I thought these little cuties would be a welcome addition to my ever expanding accessory arsenal!

If you can't tell, one is purple and one is silver, and they're attached to silver bobby pins. They're just the right size for me to pin back my bangs. (and yes, because I'm such a classy photographer, these are sitting on a barstool right in front of a sliding glass door. I have a crappy camera so I have to make do with what I've got)

(please excuse the: horrible blurriness, awful hair color, and uncontrollable waves in my hair. k thanks)

Check out some of pixel & hank's other items:

KristenLee shoe clips - what a fantastic idea to give a facelift to a pair of shoes! $14.00

Zenna hair clip - $8.00

Leon boutonniere - I love this idea for bouts. No worries about a wilting flower pinned to the groomsmen by the time the reception rolls around! Plus, it can be saved forever! $8.00

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