Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend Recap (minus pictures)

Josh and I went to a fish fry in Hubbardston, MI. Because it's Lent and Hubbardston is an Irish Catholic town, it was PACKED. Just to put it into perspective: The population of Hubbardston is 394 (yes, I'm a nerd and Wikipediaed it) and there were twice as many people there. We waited OUTSIDE for half an hour just to get in. Seriously. And the fish? Yeah, it was good. Was it worth waiting forever in front of half-drunk winos (clearly I'm jealous because I did not have any wine) for half an hour? Probably not. Oh well.

Then we went to Josh's parents' house so I could watch The Office - Jim and Pam had their baby and it was probably one of THE BEST episodes I've seen. I laughed out loud and even shed a small tear (Jim Halpert is my ideal. That's all...). It was great.

Josh and I went ring browsing again. This time it was in St. Johns at Harr's Jewelry, and we were much more impressed with them than Jared. They were so helpful and explained everything without any pressure to buy. It's a 3rd generation jewelry store and they had a great selection. I found 2 settings that I'm in love with :) so we'll see what happens...

Josh and I got groceries together and then his dad came over to help solve the toilet situation. Ugh. The Toilet. It has been giving us fits for the past month or so with no indication of what's wrong. About a month ago, Josh and his dad and some family friends dug a new septic tank, hoping that would solve the problem. Nope. Saturday, after a bunch of digging and dead ends, Josh and his dad decided to completely dig up the pipe leading from the house to the septic tank.What they found was a pipe that was crushed in 2 places and had a root growing up it. Lovely. So about $100 and 7 hours later, Josh has a working toilet. YAY! It's the simple things in life. Then I made dinner for Josh's parents and we had a nice little visit.

Josh and I went over to my mom's house for a hot second so I could check my email (remember, no internet at Josh's yet) and get my grade for my first English Theory paper. I wasn't expecting anything above a C based on my professor's comments on the grades as a whole. Tuesday, he was halfway done grading and said the best paper was a B-. Needless to say, I didn't expect to be the best in the class. Fast forward to Sunday when I open my email to see a big fat B staring me in the face. I literally squealed and did a little jump because I was so freaking happy/in shock. After an extensive rewrite I think I'll pull an A (which is very rare, according to my prof. Ha. I'll show him).

We had lunch at the Middleton Diner - a small restaurant in the middle of BFE run by Mennonites. They have a Sunday buffet with broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits... mmm pretty much all the fixins. Then Josh and I took in a matinee of Alice in Wonderland. We just watched in Ionia, so no 3-D or Imax or anything. I kind of wanted to see it since it was getting a lot of hype; I loved the 50's Disney version, and I wanted to see what they were going to do with it. Well... first of all, it wasn't what I expected at all. I was expecting a revision of the Disney cartoon version, and this isn't that at all. But in a good way. Second of all, it wasn't as weird as I expected. It was pretty tame, in my opinion, for a Tim Burton movie. I actually thought it had a good message. The costuming and set design was exquisite! It was bright at times, but dark and moody at others. Oh- and Alice wears a killer dress in the palace of the Queen of Hearts. I've looked for a picture of it but I can't find one. Oh well. You'll just have to go watch the movie!

The Oscars:

My favorite dress of the night was Elizabeth Bank's Versace. I love this color and the ruffles are beautiful! (followed closely by Vera Farminga and Penelope Cruz- I loved the deep red colors of their dresses)

Least favorite: Zoe Saldana. Wow... there is a lot of somethin goin' on down there. I loved the top, but unfortunately the camera panned out and revealed the rest...

More Oscar honesty: Sandra Bullock? Really? Don't get me wrong - I love her. But I didn't think her performance in The Blind Side was Oscar-worthy. Great movie, great actress, but I think one of the other ladies was more deserving. I loved Mo'nique's shout-out to Hattie McDaniels and the gardenia in her hair. I thought Kate Winslet's dress was boring. I hope now that people will stop referring to Kathryn Bigelow as James Cameron's ex-wife. I felt bad that everyone brought that up - hasn't she proven to the world that she's more than just his ex-wife? I LOVED Doogie's (ok, ok, Neil Patrick Harris) opening number, and I even loved Alec and Steve as hosts. I loved the John Hughes tribute, but Molly Ringwald... WTF with that hair and dress? I wish Meryl would have worn something a little more daring, but I thought she looked stellar. And Helen Mirren is pure class, in my opinion.

I'm now on "Spring Break" which consists of me working all day, every day for a week. Oh- and doing a ton of homework! Because everyone knows that Spring Break is the best time to pile on a bunch of work since students don't have to go to class. Naturally.

Josh and I are hoping to completely paint the bathroom this week, and hope to replace the tub and toilet by the weekend. I'll keep you posted (with pictures, of course) as we progress through our first renovation project!


michelle @ blissful musings said...

I loved the Office episode too! I was watching Greys, but then I heard my husband laughing so much I decided to watch the Office instead and made him start over.

Yay on ring shopping! So fun!

Melissa said...

On The View they said that Zoe's dress looked like a purple dress eating a black dress. I seriously almost died laughing. I didn't mind it though...my least favorite was SJP's Chanel...yuck.