Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Josh and I decided together (well... it was more like I convinced him) that we need to paint his bathroom. Just a quick coat of paint, in my opinion, will do wonders to that room! Josh bought a fixer-upper in the sense that everything is very outdated, even though it works just fine. What this means is that all of the cosmetic elements need to be updated. I took pictures of his bathroom so you can see what I mean. We're talking avocado green bathtub and toilet with green paneling on the walls! We decided that a quick coat of paint over the paneling would be just the trick to update this room! I'm very fortunate to have a boyfriend that is so handy around the house! I swear he can do anything, which I love. He can fix a washer, install drywall, update electric wiring, and that's just the beginning! He's already talking about adding on and putting on a second story in the future so we can expand :)

We went to Lowe's and picked out 3 sample shades so we could see how they looked in the lighting of the room, and against the wood and toilet. (We may be getting a new, white toilet soon, along with a new shower surround and tub! YAY!)

After careful consideration, we've decided on the 1st shade. The 2nd one was too reddish, and the 3rd wasn't quite as warm as we wanted. The dark shade on the end is the color we're going to paint the mirror frame and sconces on the wall. Eventually we're going to install a dark chair rail and wainscotting along the bottom half of the room. Here are a few pics so you can see what I'm working with here...
Lovely green toilet, green paneling, and green linoleum. The radiator is green, too, but it doesn't really show. Sensing a theme here?

Oh look! It's a green bath tub too!

The mirror is amazing but I think I looove the frame in a darker shade :)

OH! And probably the best quote from Josh: "But the green paneling is the best out of all the paneling in the house!" (he's already tackled dark paneling in the living room, he's got blue paneling in his bedroom, and the spare room we're renovating has light brown paneling)
My reply: "The best of the ugly doesn't make it pretty..."

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