Monday, May 10, 2010

Early Birthday Party

On May 6th, a group of 11 joined me at The BOB in Grand Rapids. If you've never been, The BOB (which stands for Big Old Building, and it is just that) is a TON of fun. There are 5 levels with bars, lounge areas, full restaurants, and a comedy club. On Thursdays, their comedy club is only $5 a ticket, with $5 pitchers of beer and happy hour specials afterward. The 12 of us gathered at Dr. Grins and had a great time, as you will see below. (I didn't take pics of any of the comedians, because, let's face it, I would have been completely ridiculed)

Me with Josh's sister, Ashley (yes, two Ashleys. What could be better!?)

My cousin Stephanie and my sister Lindsey

Lindsey, sporting her Purple Punch tape measure (apparently a must have for a comedy show)

Jenna (looking lovely in her Premier Jewelry!) and myself
My Millie clutch and Jenna's Blue Rhapsody Holiday Tote

My banker friends and their girlfriends! From left: Caitlin and Matt, Craig the intern and Karen. Caitlin did me a huge favor and picked up all the tickets early, plus she reserved us a table! I was SO glad she did that - it helped out so much :)  I was glad that Craig and Karen came out. Craig just started working as an intern for us about 6 weeks ago and he's proven to be a lot of fun. He fits in well with our work crowd, and his girlfriend, Karen, is so nice!

Josh and I at the end of the night... please excuse the drunk sleepy look in my eyes

And as an added bonus, I got birthday presents! I wasn't expecting these at all, so it made the night even better.

From Brandon and Jenna: A new picture frame that I'm thinking will make its way into the bathroom, plastic wine glasses for outside (or, as Brandon said, so I don't break them if I happen to fall), and a wine toy for Diesel so he can be a wino too!

From Jenna L: The first season of Glee wrapped in beautiful Blue Rhapsody Vera paper!

I love my friends! (and I still love those of you who weren't able to make it out to celebrate!)

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Carrie said...

I am sorry I could not be there. Can't wait to see you on Friday!