Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vera Vera Everywhere, Part Deux - sorry so delayed!

So last night I finally got a chance to upload all of my Vera Bradley pictures to the blog!! Only a month late, but who's counting, right?

As promised, here are pics from my Vera Bradley excursion!

We left promptly at 3:00am

Jenna looks way better at 3:00am than I do. Not fair

And here's what I came home with (minus my Peacock pajama pants and the Purple Punch hanging organizer, large cosmetic bag, and measuring tape that I got for my sister) (and yes, I did spread my black tablecloth that I use for my jewelry shows onto my couch for a faux photoshoot for my Vera stuff. Is that weird?)

Clockwise from top (only the items fully pictured, not the ones partially cut off): Organizer in Carnaby, Large Cosmetic Bag in Peacock, ID Zip case (or whatever its called) in Daisy Daisy, Unscented Candle in Hope Garden (for Carrie!), and Millie clutch

Close up of the candle I got Carrie!

Inside of my organizer - I take this to jewelry parties with me and I LOVE it! The left side is an accordion folder so I can store extra catalogs and order forms in it!

Clockwise from top left (again, only the fully pictured items): Lunch bag in Daisy Daisy, Tote in Daisy Daisy, Binder clips in Hope Garden, Purple Punch, Cupcakes Green, and Cupcakes Pink, and Curling Iron Case in Daisy Daisy.

These are adorable and have worked perfectly for keeping my various jewelry forms in order!

I had such a good time on this trip! Even though I'm not a die-hard Vera fan who needs everything she owns to have a Vera pattern, I like some of their patterns and styles and I'm looking forward to next year!!

Stay tuned for more birthday present pictures and a preview of where I'm headed on FRIDAY! 


Carrie said...

I am glad you had fun. Thanks for the candle :)

Melissa said...

I love the organizer! I am looking for a new planner/organizer because my current one screams "I just graduated" and not "I have a job." Its literally a student planner.