Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Ramblings

Just a few things on my mind today:
  • I got my teacher assisting/student teaching placement on Monday! It was an awesome birthday present, especially because the school I'll be in was my very first choice. It's close to home but still big enough that I think I'll gain a lot of really valuable experience. For privacy reasons I won't disclose it on the blog, but for those of you who know my high school, suffice it to say that it's one of our biggest sports rivals. I'm meeting with my mentor teacher today, and I've heard wonderful things about her. I'm so excited for this next part of my life to start!
  • How did I live without DVR? And for that matter, how did I live without Glee in my life for it's first season? My darling Jenna got me the first 13 epidodes, "The Road to Sectionals" for my fellow Gleeks, and I've been loving every minute that I've been able to catch up on what I was missing. I think I got Josh's sister hooked, too, because we watched 4 episodes together Tuesday night. So fun!
  • I'm getting a little nervous about the whole jewelry business... I had an amazing party last night, but no future bookings. I'm really not good about pushing people to have a party - I don't want to come across as desperate, crazy, pushy, etc... and damage my reputation. Any ideas on how I can ask people to have a party but not come across like a total psycho?
  • I thought I would have more time on my hands once school was over, but that has proven not to be the case. Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to clean out the spare bedroom, bathroom cabinets, and kitchen cupboards. Maybe even move some of my stuff in from the garage?? A girl can dream, right?
  • I just read Capote in Kansas by Kim Powers and it was a let down. I bought it off Barnes & Noble's bargain shelf, which is always kind of iffy, but this really sucked. To Kill  A Mockingbird is one of my favorite books, and Harper Lee has always intrigued me, but I felt like Powers took a lot of liberties with the characters, blending real people with his idealized version of them. It was boring and anticlimactic and I wish I would have saved my $4.95 for something better.
What's on your mind today?

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Melissa said...

I sold Avon on college for awhile and was the same way, I hated being pushy! I would just give out all the catalogs and see what people wanted and used the discount for myself. I probably only broke even.