Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Having Internet at Home SUCKS!

So yeah, I've got like 24 blog posts in the works, all in various forms of completion. Where are they, you ask? On my laptop. In Microsoft WORD. Why, you ask? Because there's no other way for me to write them. My hope is that I can type them up at home and then copy/paste into Blogger when I have an internet connection. So far, no internet connection. Fail. (Also, I've been sick this week so I haven't ventured out of the house that much to find an internet connection.)

On the plus side, we are getting TV!! Josh and I decided we are completely fed up with our digital converter box and have taken the plunge to get satellite TV. I'm beyond excited! We got a really good deal: $30 (after taxes and fees) for 2 rooms, both with DVRs. YES- I'm finally going to have one of those new-fangled DVR thingies : ) And, the best thing - it's getting installed on my birthday! Happy birthday to ME!!!

On a more serious note, I absolutely could not let the week pass without saying a small tribute to Ernie Harwell, who was the voice of the Detroit Tigers until his retirement in 2002. He lost his battle to cancer on Tuesday. To me, his voice is unmistakable - hearing him speak reminds me of overhearing the Tigers games on my stepdad's radio which usually sat on the front porch as he did yard work or drank a beer as the sun set. He is truly one of Michigan's gems, and he will be missed.


Melissa said...

The DVR is going to CHANGE YOU LIFE. I am able to watch TV much more efficiently now. It will rock your world. Make sure you DVR the new season of NHRJ. Its going to be ammmaaaazzziiinnngggg.

I like American Wife! I am almost done with it. The beginning was a little shocking...with the boys brother and everything. I thought that was kind of weird. I really enjoyed the middle though, and the White House stuff I am skimming a bit. I think I am going to pick up Laura Bush's new bio next to put it all in perspective. What did you think of American Wife?

Anonymous said...

How in the world did you get satellite TV for $30 a month?! That's a crazy deal! Maybe I'll whip you up a smoothie next time I see you!