Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bathroom Pics (finally)

The weekend of April 10th was spent finishing our bathroom renovations (for Josh) and writing papers (for me). I felt really bad that I couldn't help out with any of the work, but it seemed like Josh and his dad had it under control, so I begrudgingly set up shop on the couch and hammered out a few papers. Click for before pictures.

And the after pictures:

I am in love with our shower curtain! I was a little worried that it would be too "theme-y" but I think it's working out quite nicely.

We were planning on using a pedestal sink that my grandpa gave us, but after Josh tore out the old vanity, he realized that the existing plumbing wasn't going to work. (This, combined with the stress from the end of semester assignments, caused me to have a bit of an emotionial break-down. Then I put on my big girl pants and got over it... pretty much.) We ended up making a trip to Lowe's and purchasing a new vanity. I think it looks great, plus I have much more room for my hair stuff and make-up when I'm getting ready than I would have had on the pedestal sink.

Old flooring on top, new flooring on bottom. A clear improvement.

I LOVE our paint colors. I think they're neutral enough that we can change out the accessories easily, but it's still modern and has a nice non-feminine atmosphere.

Oh, I'm in love with these sconces, also, from Lowe's. The mirror is just the old mirror + a new coat of spray paint. I was amazed at how much that paint improved the look of the frame!

I'm so ready to get our accessories hung up! I'm still looking for the perfect mat and frame for some artwork I picked up, sifting through pics on my computer to frame, and looking for the perfect tan or white pillar candles for my holder.

It was a stressful process, but I'm so happy with the results!


Melissa said...

It looks AMAZING! You did such a great job! I love the sconces(sp!) and the shower curtain turned out great!

MERgetsMRSed said...

I love that shower curtain!

Amanda said...

Wow what an improvement!! The mirror frame looks like metal!