Saturday, November 22, 2008

Analysts on the Town

Apparently not much happened for me from the end of October and the middle of November because I dont have any pictures on my camera! Oh well...

A few weeks ago the credit analysts I work with met up in East Lansing again for a night on the town before an EARLY morning meeting. We got rooms at the Marriott and headed out to Rick's for some drinks and dancing. I'm so lucky to be good friends with most of the people I work with, so it was really just like hanging out with my friends. However, I did miss Carrie SO MUCH! She got an amazing opportunity to work for the State of Michigan and left the bank at the end of October. I really realized how much I miss her when I was the only girl out with 7 boys. Being typical guys at a bar, they were saying "guy things" and making me wish there was more estrogen present! All in all it was a GREAT time with my great friends. Oh yeah... and that early meeting came about 4 hours after we got back to our rooms. Needless to say, everyone was suffering from some pretty serious hangovers the next day. Us bankers sure do know how to have a good time : )
Garrett would not stop texting the whole night!
Kojo being a rock star while Matt looks lovingly at Garrett's mad face. I love this picture!

I should have taken pictures at the beginning of the night instead of the end. I'm sure everyone would have looked much better! Matt and I at the Post. This is the pic where I'm not literally hanging all over him trying to get him to smile... I won't post it because I would like to salvage a little bit of dignity.
Garrett and I. Probably my favorite work person now- we've become good friends over the 18 months that I've known him. My hair looks super stringy but I think it's because it was snowing/raining when we were walking to the bar. I almost didn't post this one either, but it's kind of charming.

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Carrie said...

I am so happy to see some new posts. I am really sad that I did not get to go out with you guys that night in Lansing. That is the one thing I miss from working at the bank and that is hanging out with my co-workers who were also great friends. My wedding should be a blast with all of us there.