Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carter time!

On October 25th, I went over to Ashley's mom's house to see Carter and his cousins getting ready for Halloween. Ashley's dad was carving pumpkins and Carter was painting inside. He was definitely getting into it and painting his paper, hair, face, and the table. This boy loves drawing and painting and gettin' messy!
Mixing up the colors so they're juuuuust right
Painting on the Dora tablecloth
Yay for the big pumpkin papa carved for me!
Crawling around on the table so everyone can get a picture
Afterwards, we took him to my mom's so he could meet Frank. Of course, he fell asleep on the way over and would not wake up for anything! Painting and carving and posing for pictures can really zap a 2 year old's energy! Frank fell asleep too, and we got the cutest pictures of the two of them together!

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