Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day out with my Sister and Brother

On October 18th, I treated my sister and brother to lunch and an afternoon at the public museum in Grand Rapids. They have an exhibit going through January on the science of solving crimes. The exhibit has a crime scene set up with clues and stuff to help you figure out whodunit.
It all started with getting mug shots taken. As you can see, we're all very sad.
Lindsey and Justin getting friendly with a witness they're interviewing. They missed the sign that said "don't touch the display". oooops
They projected a real autopsy onto a plastic body. It was intense and very lifelike!
Checking to see if they came to the right conclusions... They did! Super sleuths!

Later on throughout the museum exhibits- Justin and Lindsey had some fun taking random pictures. Gun show...
Stop looking at me swan...
Yes... Picking a moose's nose. Only my brother and sister would do something like that... and let me take a pic.

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