Friday, September 18, 2009

For Bubba

I have a best friend friend* co-worker, Garrett, who says he will only read my blog if I talk about him (because he's oh-so-mature and not at all self-centered). So, today I'm going to dedicate a whole entire post to him. Because I'm that nice (and because I want people to read my blog... so I think that makes me kind of a sell-out, too)

Garrett continues to be the person I call when I'm unhappy at work. Luckily for him, he doesn't sit directly across from me anymore, so he doesn't have to hear my whining "Garrrreeetttttttttt....." whenever I'm bored/confused/pissed/exhausted. Thanks to Caller ID at work he can now screen my calls (which I'm convinced he does quite frequently). But for real, he's a pretty good guy most of the time.

He's also single and looking, so ladies, if you like what you see let me know and I'll hook you up ; ) Here's what you need to know about Garrett:
  1. He works his ass off at work. He's the youngest Assistant VP we have at the bank and everyone loves him. It's kind of sickening, actually. He's also very talented at brown-nosing.
  2. He's athletic. Garrett plays softball and flag football in the summer/fall and he's the team star. Just ask him how good he is, he loves talking about it.
  3. He knows all kinds of lame movie quotes: "Shut up Liddy!" "He's a he-she she's a she-she" "Bring me back something French" "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi" (bonus points if you know those movies)
  4. He likes sick beds when he's feeling under the weather. What's a sick bed, you ask? Well, it's 3 pillows and a comforter on the couch with a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich nearby. (he's extremely low maintenance, as you can see)
  5. He's a big fan of Qdoba, especially the one in Royal Oak which he frequents after long nights of drinking and dancing at Black Finn.
  6. He's the most eligible bachelor in Royal Oak (just ask him)
  7. He's a really good drunk dialer and will talk to you for hours at 2:00 am, even if you just want to sleep (although he doesn't drunk dial me anymore... long story, we're not going there)
So, Bubba, there you go, I posted about you. Ladies, if you're interested (and you should be ;-) ) here are a few pics of Garrett in action. You can see that he's a snappy dresser, king of the dance floor, and has mastered the art of drinking.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

*We are no longer besties, or even friends (according to Garrett), because Garrett thinks I like Josh more than him. Well... yeah, he's right. Sorry Bubs!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing, I am the best looking person I know.