Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farm Pics!

I spent a little time down on the farm tonight, checking up on my little calf that is STILL ALIVE (it's a miracle!) and riding quads with my little brother and Josh. Yes, I ride quads... and yes, I get dirty. I don't even care (that much) when I get dirty... most of the time.

This is the little baby girl that I saved. I've decided to name her Scout. I think it's tough and feisty, perfectly fitting for this little fighter!

Close up of the face - not a good pic. She wouldn't turn around to face me (how ungrateful!)
This adorable little dollface is a red & white holstein. Sometimes they just come out that way... it's a genetic thing. I'm going to call her Piper (but nobody knows that, so it's our little secret, k?). Disregard the messy rump... shit happens, especially when you're a baby cow.

This little guy (girl?) follows me all over the place. I want to take it home (to Josh's) but he says no :(

I woke him/her up from a little cat-nap (haha, I am so witty..)

My boots (I promised pictures)! Fresh from TSC (Tractor Supply Company for all you non-country folk out there). They're looking a liiiiittle dirtier now, but I guess that's to be expected. Needless to say, I rock as much fashion as possible when down on the farm!

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