Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lookie What I Found!

I'm a crafty person at heart. I used to be in 4-H when I was younger and created alllll sorts of goodies out of whatever I could get my hand on. Seriously, I was like Martha Stewart and MacGyver's love child. I could take a random selection of found objects, throw in a little hot glue and some acryllic paint, and create a masterpiece. I racked up quite the collection of blue ribbons at the fair (toooot toooot! -That's me, tooting my own horn).

Grown-up me is just as crafty at heart as my 12 year old self, however my actual production of crafty goods has gone a little downhill. Well OK, it's practically nonexistent. I think that's why I am in serious L-O-V-E with (Just go there, I triple dog dare you!) is a site where people sell their handmade goods. I know you've probably got a virtual flea market pictured in your head, but bear with me. This place is AMAZING! The quality of the stuff you'll find doesn't even compare to any flea market I've been to. There is everything from clothing to jewelry to artwork to... well... anything else you can think of! Plus, there are fun ways to shop. I like to shop by color, mostly because I like playing with the different blobs of color and sliding stuff all over the screen (I've got you intrigued now, don't I? muahaha) But you can also search by location, by time of post, by most recently sold items, by the general search function, or a myriad of other ways. If you're not addicted after a few visits, then... well, I really don't know what to say to you.

Anyways, I think each week I'll try and spotlight a few vendors on Etsy that have knocked my socks off. So, without further adieu, here are three of the people I've been stalking lately:

Art and Photography by Kelly Warren - She's got some BEAutiful photos here. If you take a look, you can probably see why I like her. She's got pictures of cows (and they're quite adorable, might I add)!! But, that's not what led me to her. You see, I'm redoing Josh's spare bedroom and I've been looking for some masculine artwork/photography. Josh loves old trucks, especially Dodge trucks, so when I stumbled across this image here, I knew that Kelly was someone to keep an eye on. I still have to show Josh, but I'm sure we'll be purchasing one of these prints.

Crazy4Cards -Now, I have to admit that I haven't looked at every single one of the cards they make, but I LOVE these! I'm helping co-plan a bachelorette party/lingerie shower this fall and these invitations have been our inspiration! I love the fuzzies on them - too cute!

AshleyJewelry - Ahem, I may be a tad bit biased because of the name (and no, I am in no way affiliated with this seller... I wish I was!) but her designs are pure gorgeousness. They're simple and chic and will add some funk to just about any outfit you would wear. I love these stackable rings... SO cute! But I also like the stones in this ring (so big and funky and bold!)... and I think some matching earrings would be nice... so many options!

You should go (RIGHT NOW) and visit Etsy. I know you'll find something there to love!

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