Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Little Post!

This weekend was amazing! Friday night I had some quality Jenna time (Love that girl!!) and enjoyed a Maple Butter Blondie from Applebee's. YUM is all I can say. Then Josh had some people over and we rotated between his house, his garage, and his man-cave (another garage lined with beer cans and old scantily-clad girl posters that houses his pool table. Seriously, some of the posters are older than me. And I'm older than him... Not that I condone half-dressed women as acceptable wall art, but if you're gonna have them, get pics that don't feature leg warmers, and big hair...) while trying to dodge rain drops.

Saturday I woke up to no power at Josh's house, so I headed to Jenna's to shower and get ready for the day. We had a little Mary Kay party at her house and with freshly made up faces we headed out to Lansing. I scored the deal of the century at The Limited ($277 worth of clothes for $38! Seriously, I love a bargain!) and got some Victoria's Secret PINK stuff for my sister for her birthday (side note: since when is my sister old enough to turn 21?? Seriously feeling old...). Then Josh took me out to dinner at Corner Landing and we watched a movie at my place. He let me rent Confessions of a Shopaholic (who, it turns out, I totally can identify with... not $16,000 in credit card debt, but the emotional high of shopping. yeah, I know how pathetic that sounds).
Sunday I went up to Traverse City for the day. My stepmom has family up there and her aunt is home from Arizona. We had a yummy roasted chicken dinner, complete with her grandma's German potato salad and Texas sheet cake (words cannot describe the love I feel for said cake). We were on Silver Lake tubing in between rain showers. It was nice to see everyone again and see how the little cousins are growing up. They're just too cute!

Tonight, I'm going to attempt to cook dinner for Josh. I've got two recipes that I'm going to try: Parmesan Chicken and Garlic Cheese Orzo. They seem pretty easy so I'm not too worried, but there's always some anxiety that comes with cooking for someone for the first time (especially because he's such a picky eater!!!). The parmesan chicken is a Weight Watchers recipe and the orzo is from Rachael Ray. She say's it's 'good for you' but I'm a little skeptical... pasta + cheese doesnt usually equal health food, but I'll give it a try. I have yet to calculate the points value for the orzo, but the website says the chicken is 6 points per serving. A little high but not too bad. Plus, I'll probably have some fresh broccoli or green beans to add so that helps the health value, right? And then I plan on making monkey bread for dessert. Definitely not a Weight Watchers recipe, but it'll be ok. Everything in moderation (haha... famous last words). I'll try to take pictures of the finished product and post about it later : ) Dont worry, I am by no means going to become a food blogger. I'm definitely not qualified for that job!

I'm also working on a few posts that I'll feature later this week (Ok, I just reread that sentence and it sounds horribly pretentious, like I'm some magnificent blogger who "features" things... but I'm not changing it. haha). One of them is about what I'm reading/have read lately, one is about what wedding trends I'm falling in love with (not that I have any reason to start planning... I just like looking for now), and one will be a little catch up to show off some of the pics I've taken over the past 6 months and haven't shared. Stay tuned!

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Carrie said...

I just spent $400 at The Limited and have coupons to spend another $200. Love that store too :)