Friday, August 7, 2009

Just a Few Things

Ok, these are some of the things on my mind today:
(Be prepared for random, out of nowhere, completely irrational thoughts)

  • This week (actually, yesterday) marks my 7th anniversary at Independent Bank. Yes, for real. Let's do some math: I'm 24 years old. That means I started working here when I was 17 and have spent more than 25% of my life at this job (29.17% to be exact). For some reason I'm less than inspired by that thought... On the plus side, I score an extra 5 vacation days (starting in January) with this anniversary! YAY for vacation days!!!
  • John Hughes has passed away. (What's happenin', hot stuff...?) I didn't really "grow up" watching his movies since I was born right smack in the middle of the 80's, but I've grown to love them. Plus, let's not forget about those soundtracks! (Don't youuuu forget about meee. Don't, don't, don't, Dooon't) I think a movie marathon is in order.
  • I've really been in a baking mood lately, but I lack my own kitchen in which to do said baking. I'm highly contemplating taking over Josh's kitchen to make some Monkey Bread (which is hardly considered baking) or something like that. I also want to prove to him that I can cook. So, if you have any easy-peasy but semi-healthy recipes I can try, let me know (Amanda, that means you.. :) )
  • I need help designing this here lil blog. It's terribly boring and blah. I hate all of Blogger's templates. I finally figured out how to make my posts wider so I'm actually using a respectable amount of screen space (helping my super long ramblings look just a little shorter). But, I want something with a cute design. I might have to experiment with my Photoshop a little bit and make a cute header or something like that... who knows. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Garrett said I need to talk about him in order for him to read my blog. So, here's a bulletpoint dedicated to him. He's the person who got me through years 5-7 at IB and who listens to my complaining (read: whining) all the time, and I'm the person who was treated to his 2am drunk dials on Friday and Saturday nights (not so much anymore...). So there Garrett, now you have to read my blog : )

And on that note- HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Ash, I'm not much of a baker because it requires too much measuring and exactness (is that a word?? haha. I think monkey bread sounds freakin amazing though!!