Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spirit Week at Work?

This week is Independent Bank's Employee Appreciation week. In past years, this activity was offered only to workers in the Ionia area, but this year it has been extended to the whole IB "family" (please note my use of air quotes... Carrie, you'll understand what I mean). Coming back from a week long vacay was just a tad bit easier for me knowing I could wear comfy jeans every day this week. So, what exactly does an Employee Appreciation week look like? Well.... honestly, it resembles a high school spirit week. Each day has a theme:

  • Monday: Hawaiian Day- I forgot, of course, and ended up wearing jeans, a black short sleeved turtleneck (which I proceeded to wear backwards for half the day, during a video conference with the CEO of the bank and other big wigs), and my black heels, along with a shell/bead bracelet that I purchased in Vegas. The bracelet was my Hawaiian tie in (only after I realized it kinda-sorta looked Hawaiian-ish). I received a lei from our Vegas condo when we checked in, and in true Ashley fashion, carried it around for a week only to remove it Sunday night. Since I didn't sleep at home that night, I didnt have it for Monday morning. Boooo to cleaning out purses. Total Appreciation Week participation count: 0-1.

  • Tuesday: Favorite sports team shirt - Josh invited me to stay over Monday night as well (he bribed me with filet mignon, how can a girl resist!) so I didn't have my beloved Justin Verlander shirt to wear to work. Instead I rocked jeans, flip flops (dressy silvery ones, because a little shimmer makes them professional, right?), a blue shirt and a green/blue/silver scarf. Total Appreciation Week participation count: 0-2.

  • Wednesday: Crazy Hat or Necktie Day - I don't have a hat, let alone a crazy one, and I definitely don't have a tie. So, I opted for a scarf (I have a soft spot in my heart for scarves lately) in purple/pink/silver to dress up my dark denim jeans, purple cami, and black cardigan (this one from NY&Co that I am totally buying in every color because I'm slightly obsessed). Total Appreciation Week participation count: 0-3 (technically my scarf isn't a tie, or so I'm told)

  • Thursday: Salute to America Day (AKA: Wear something patriotic or red, white and blue) - Still undecided on what I'm going to wear, but I know I'm definitely wearing my trouser jeans from Gap. They're cut like dress pants but made from dark denim so they're kind of the best of both the professional and casual worlds. Plus, I'll be in a day long meeting with some executives and senior vice presidents, so I figure I should be a litttttle more professional than casual. Which brings me to another point... (see my rant below).

  • Friday: Independent Bank Day - Wear IB logo stuff. Simple enough, I suppose. I've got a gray and navy polo that's completely blah and will be perfect for this day. Oh- and out of the goodness of their hearts, we've been allowed to have a potluck in our department. I find this hilarious. Our department has potlucks like it's nobody's business and we've never had to have permission before. In years past, we had lunch made for us, usually barbeque pork and picnic fixins. This year however, to show how much we're appreciated, corporate management is going to let us make our own food to bring in. Wow. How thoughtful of them.

My Rant: Today I'm working in GR at the East Beltline office. I noticed that there are about 3 people on my floor wearing jeans, and I'm one of them. There are probably about 50 people on this floor and for some reason I'm really annoyed that nobody else is wearing jeans. Why?? Who wakes up in the morning and says, "I'd much rather wear dress pants and professional clothes instead of comfortable jeans." I offer an answer to that question: Stuffy people who think they're too professional to be caught in jeans. I realize I probably shouldn't care too much, but honestly people! The executive vice president of my region is wearing jeans, a hat, and a mullet wig!! Now, I realize that may not exude professionalism, but at least he's having fun with his job! So I say to you dress pant wearers today: Take the stick out of your ass and pull on a pair of Levi's. It's not going to make your customers disappear, and believe me, you can still get work done if you're not wearing Dockers. Relax a little bit and have some fun while you're allowed to!!

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