Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warm Fuzzies

It's summertime. Yay! I love me some sunshine. If you haven't already guessed, I've been spending a lot of my free time at Josh's family's farm this summer. I pretty much love it there. I find the fresh country air (read: smell of cows), pretty green fields, and baby farm animals so relaxing and entertaining. And it's a damn good thing I like it over to the farm because otherwise I would never ever see my boyfriend. He honestly likes doing farm work and field work, and spends his nights off helping out wherever needed. So, needless to say, I haul my cookies over to the farm a couple nights a week, too, to keep him company and just to hang out.

Yesterday I thought I would be riding along with Josh as he hauled chopped hay from the field to the bunker (just a fancy word for where they store the stuff). It's fun. I just ride shotgun in the cab of a sort of semi-truck while Josh drives along side of the chopper as it spews freshly chopped hay into the hauler. If you love the smell of fresh cut grass, you would LOVE the smell of fresh cut hay. ahhhh it's amazing. So that's what we do. For hours. Just ride back and forth from the field to the farm, getting loaded up with hay and dumping it out. I like it because we can just talk and be together (yeah... kinda mushy, sorry but we're still in the honeymoon phase and I'm quite enjoying it, thank you.). However, Josh sent me a text yesterday saying that he wasn't chopping, but he was merging and I could ride with him. WTF is merging, you ask? Yeah, I had no idea either... I kind of figured it couldn't be that bad (worst case scenario- he was spreading shit, in which case it could be that bad...) but I was a little nervous. So, I headed to the farm not knowing what to expect.

Josh's uncle pointed me in the direction of the field he was in, and I relaxed once I saw that he was just driving a tractor and pulling a little conveyor belt thingy (otherwise known as the Flipper... as in it flips the hay over and merges rows together, hence the merging from earlier). I was excited to ride on the tractor! I used to do it a lot when I was a little girl. And, of course, I was excited to see Josh. Something about seeing him driving a tractor just makes me swoon (maybe it's from too much of that "country air"). So up I climbed. Now, the tractor was a 930 Case King Comfort, but don't let that name fool you. This bad boy was anything but comfortable. Thank God Josh's dad brought me a piece of foam to sit on (he's like the best "boyfriend's dad" a girl could want) because otherwise my hind-end would be black and blue. I'm still a little sore this morning even after sitting on the foam. The fields are bumpy and the tractor is metal and those two things do not add up to a comfy ride. But I got to sit and talk (more like yell over the noise of the tractor) with Josh, so I was a happy girl.

And now the point of this rambling: Josh said the cutest, sweetest, farmer-est thing to me last night and gave me butterflies for like the 72864th time in the last 3 months. We were riding along, chatting about random stuff when he said, "I was hoping we'd be doing hay while you're gone in Vegas, so this kinda sucks." I was confused. I didn't know why he would want me to miss doing hay because I really enjoy it.
So I said, "Why? What are you talking about? I like to ride with you to do hay." (And I'm sure I had an annoyed/confused look on my face)
And then he responded (be prepared for a mush fest, folks), "Well because then I'd be busy and not sad because I don't get to see you for a week." Awwwwww are you kidding me? Seriously? This is MY boyfriend?

How freakin' cute is he? Wow... I just sat there on the fender of the tractor, beaming like an idiot. That completely made my day/night : )

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amsterwill83 said...

awwww how cute!! not gonna lie though, it's kinda like my little brother and sister are dating!! lol :-)