Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Blogger...

I've been a bad blogger and I apologize... I plan on blogging every day and then something suddenly comes up. Boooo to me : ( Anyways, today starts a new month and a new chance for me to hold to my goal of one post per day (except for weekends). However, today also starts a new semester of school for me. So, we'll see how that plays out. Here are just a few random thoughts floating around in my mind:

1. Where the hell did my summer go! I swear, never has 31 days passed so quickly as it did during the month of August when I didn't have any classes.
2. Another one of my friends is engaged!! YAYYY! So I think that makes me one of the 2 out of our group of 6 that is not yet committed to a man for the rest of my life. And, contrary to what my mother thinks, I'm not depressed about it (she seriously asked me if I was... thanks mom). I'm excited for another wedding!!! (ps: Amanda, get Erin to start blogging about wedding stuff!!)
3. I'm thoroughly convinced that spring has transformed directly into fall, skipping over summer and depriving me of some sunshine! Leaves are already starting to turn!
4. Fall is upon us which makes me sad for some reasons (see 1 and 2), but happy for others. It's FOOTBALL season! This means tailgates, Pick 4, and Saturdays spent "doing homework" while having my laptop open to espn.com for automatic updated on game scores. Fall usually means that I get to start wearing sweaters again, but since we've had such a cold summer, my sweaters never really got put away.
5. Is Biggby coming out with hot caramel apple cider anytime soon? Mmmmm football game + hot apple cider + maybe a few drops of Hot Damn = a pretty good day
6. What am I going to be for Halloween?
7. These people need to stop. Just stop. We get the point, Fertile Myrtle.

I actually have more on my mind today (interesting, since nothing on my mind is work related, yet here I sit at my work computer... haha) but I think some of these things can be developed into full fledged posts. Oh- and I promised Vegas pics... This girl is going to be one busy little blogger this week!

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amsterwill83 said...

LOLLL, Erin, start blogging?? I'm lucky if I get a reply to an email within a week! Good thought though :-) And OMG, totally agree with you about the ever-so-annoying Duggars and their 23094343914th kid. Eww.