Monday, July 13, 2009

A few shout-outs

Now that my midterm paper is finished I’ve been trying to decide what to write for my second batch of polished writing in my portfolio. My last “batch” was easy once I figured out what my focus was. Now I’m back at the drawing board. I’ve got a few pieces that I started before I gained momentum on my multi genre paper, but none of them seem to be screaming at me to finish them. So, being the little blogging fool that I am, I turned to some of my fellow bloggers for help. These blogs offer up some fun challenges and thoughts from other writers to help spur some creativity!

Two Writing Teachers offers challenges to help inspire people to write. Today is a Memoir Monday, and they also do a daily Slice of Life challenge. You can read here to find out more.

Write Anything has a weekly challenge called Fiction Friday where they give a topic, quote, or character description and all you have to do is use it! Although I’ve haven’t participated (yet), it’s fun to read through some of the entries and see how different they are.

Weekly Geeks has a new topic or theme each week. Although they aren’t always based on writing, the themes they come up with can definitely spark some inspiration!

And, of course, my favorite dose of writing humor, Inkygirl. Adorable little cartoons that will elicit a chuckle out of even the most blocked writer.

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