Friday, July 3, 2009

Matt's POV

The final piece that I worked on today is a look into what I think my friend and coworker Matt must have been thinking the day I came into his office after my performance review.

Oh man, what do I do? I think something’s wrong, but I don’t know. Ashley always comes in and gazes out the window to clear her mind but this is strange. Usually she sits across from me, but now she’s standing up at the window furthest away. She’s not facing me. She’s not even talking to me. Should I say something? What should I say? She’s so sensitive sometimes, I don’t want to say the wrong thing. Oh crap. Did she just wipe a tear from her eye? She just had her review, but why would she be crying? She does fine, I’m sure she’s not underperforming at all. I think she wants me to say something. Shit, the phone’s ringing. Do I answer? Do I try and talk to Ashley? Yup, she’s definitely crying. I better throw the box of Kleenex at her, looks like she needs it. Uh oh. She’s coming over to sit at my desk. I hate seeing people cry. I hate seeing my friends cry. I hate seeing girls cry. This sucks. I wonder what’s wrong? I better ask. WOAH! Did not see that coming. She doesn’t want to work at the bank anymore? I need to pry. She needs to talk. Ok… she’s definitely spilling her guts. Focus, focus. Try to keep up… Adequate review. Doesn’t want to be a lender. Keep listening… Doesn’t know what to do. Going back to school. Going back to school? For what? When? Why? Shit, pay attention Matt, she’s still talking. She looks like she needs a hug. Can I hug her? Is that weird? We’re good friends, but hugging is a different level. Screw it. She needs a hug. I should just tell her it’s gonna be ok. Hopefully it is.

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