Friday, July 3, 2009

My attempt at poetry

This poem was created to show the results of the performance review I had been waiting for in the piece in my previous post. I don't think it's too bad, but I've already thought of some revisions I want to make. (I'm proud of myself for not editing as I go and instead, making a completely new draft!)

Adequate (draft 1)

3, 3, 3
Im confused. What’s a 3?
Meets expectations
Meets. Meets. Not Exceeds.

3, 3, 3
I’m shocked.
Performance is adequate.
Not extraordinary, not exemplary.

3, 3, 3
I’m searching. Where are the 5s?
Not even a 4
Not the best, not impressive.

3, 3, 3
I’m embarrassed.
I don’t get 3s.
But I do. I get 3s.
A whole parade of them.

I’m now a 3.

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