Friday, July 3, 2009

Writing fiend!

So I've been working on my multigenre piece, and holy crap, today I've been SO productive! Well... I guess that depends on who you ask. I'm sure my supervisor isn't crazy about me writing all day instead of working. Oh well... : )

I did drafts of 3 new pieces today and posted the first one below. It's a sequence of 2 flashbacks to prior performance reviews as I wait for another review. I was trying to work on dialogue skills as well as set the reader up to see how I had been performing at my past jobs at the bank.

I sit at my computer, trying to find something online to pass the time until I’m called into the conference room for my performance review. My mind wanders as I recline back a little in my office chair.
“Hey, Ash, why don’t we go over your review right now since I’ve got some time,” my supervisor, Patrick, calls from his office around the corner.
“K, I’ll be right there.”
I shuffle some papers around and grab a few forms for him to sign. Getting Patrick alone in his office is a rare occurrence, so I’m determined to make the most of it while I have his full attention. I step into his office and I’m immediately greeted by the leathery smell of his coat that hangs on the other side of the door.
“How’s it goin’ today?”
“Not bad,” I say. “I’m just finishing up on the new brochure for the realtor welcome packets. They should be done by the end of the day.”
“Awesome, ahead of schedule.” His pleasure is evident on his face. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though.” He slides some inner-office envelopes and files off to the side and sits my personnel file between us on his desk. “K, let’s go over this review stuff. I’m sure you already know this, but you’ve been doing a great job. The lenders love you, the realtors are crazy about you, and God knows I’d be lost without you keeping track of all my shit.”
I smile, shifting uncomfortably in my seat, nervously playing with the ring I was given for my 5 years of service at Independent Bank. I like hearing all those things, but man, I just don’t know how to respond. Of course, I’m glad he’s glad, but how do I react without coming across as a self-absorbed, over-confident college student?
“Oh, thanks,” I say quietly. “That’s always nice to hear.”
“Seriously, Ash, you’re doing great. I’m giving you 5 out of 5 on everything. Keep up the good work, kiddo.”
I’m jolted from my mid-morning daydream by Garrett as he comes back from getting his review.
“My turn yet?”
“Nope,” Garrett replies. “Carrie’s gonna go, then it’s your turn.”
“Ok that works. So, how was it? I’m sure the Golden Boy got 5’s across the board, right?”
“Haha yeah right, save it,” he says, flashing a guilty grin my way. “I did fine, no complaints here!”
“Good for you.”

“Ashley Lou, come on in!”
I pull a chair up to my branch manager’s desk. The office smells like Clinique Happy mixed with remnants of orange chicken from Mandarin House, today’s take out choice. Kim Foldie, my supervisor and mentor, pulls out my personnel file and smooths her crisp white Banana Republic button front shirt. She flips the file over so I can read what she’s written about me.
“Ashley, you’re doin’ awesome, girl! You know the customers love you,” she says, looking up at me with a huge smile spread across her face. “In face, Mr. Pawlowski was in yesterday when you were at class. He wanted you to help him open a new CD, but we told him you wouldn’t be in. He was bound and determined to wait for you until Carol convinced him that she could do just as good a job as you.” She winked at me.
“Awww that’s so sweet! He’s such a nice man.” I’m beaming. I love my customers and it’s always great to hear that they feel the same way. I look up at Kim and notice a strange look on her face.
“Ashley Lou, I actually wanted to talk to you about something else before we start your review.” She sounds hesitant. “Patrick Rokosz in the mortgage department is looking for a sales assistant. It would be full time, and I think you’re the perfect candidate.”
I know Patrick. He was a loan officer at the branch I worked in previously. He was always on the go, bringing in new customers and setting sales records. No wonder he needed an assistant. A job with him would expose me to so many big wigs in the community and definitely help launch my corporate career.
“Now, don’t take this the wrong way,” Kim explains. “I definitely want you here. I toyed with the idea of even mentioning this position to you because I know you’ll get it if you interview. I absolutely do not want to lose you as part of my staff, but I think this would be a great opportunity for you and your career.”
“Wow…” I say as I try to process this news. Can I take on a full time job and still work full time through my last year of school? Can I handle the job responsibilities? This would mean a huge raise, not to mention a lot of face time with some important people. “Thanks for the info, Kim. I’ll have to think about it but it sounds like it would be an amazing experience for me.”
“Well, I know that you are going to be so successful at whatever you choose. Speaking of which, let’s go over your review. You can see you’ve earned 5’s all the way through! You’re a terrific asset to our branch. We’ll definitely miss you if you choose to work for Patrick. Keep up the good work!”
Carrie walks up and taps me on the shoulder.
“Your turn!”
I roll back from my computer and walk into the conference room, ready to hear how great I’ve been doing.

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